December 2006

And now for something completely different…

Life  18 Dec 2006 04:44 am

Posted by Michael Valiant

It’s almost midnight and, heavy lidded and bleary eye’d, I’m about ready to launch my first blog planted firmly in the SEO world.

True, for those few of you who know me, I do run other blogs that discuss SEO from time to time, (like my eCommerce blog at but this is the first chance I’ve had to setup a place I can regularly (hopefully :) ) discuss Google, search engines, PPC, online marketing, analytics, linkbait, and other related topics on my schedule.

But it probably won’t be tonight…

Tonight I have to burn the midnight oil (and the 1 am oil; and the 2 am oil; and very possibly most of the oil that comes after that) to finish up a couple of projects that I’ve committed to finishing before the Christmas holidays… Then it’s off to the office tomorrow to sit through a long day of video conferenced meetings…

Nothing a few pots of coffee won’t help :)

BUT… This may be a warning or an announcement… I’ll be back in the new year :)

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hello SEO world!

SEO  16 Dec 2006 01:35 pm

This is my first, inconsequential post to this WordPress page.

Welcome to the swamp!

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